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Which Germany to travel to? Berlin, Cologne, and many others. Lets say We've a week to last there but which would be good to take? I have do not ever been there prior to. I like to see historic, Nazi, along with hookers.... no really I really do. berlin obviouslyLooks like you may be in Bavaria In week I'd personally stay in Bavaria. You do not possess time to do parts of Germany Historic - A great deal of stuff here in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremburg, and down the Romantische Strasse. Nazi -- Germany has tried to destroy every Hitler site. Usually theleft is Berchtesgaden, throughout Bavaria. There will be the Dachau concentration camp a short distance from Munich. Hookers - Prostitution is legal across Germany. Alternatively, you may easily spend 1 week in Berlin. You will find there's lot of back ground there, but without any Nazi site. there's plenty of Nazi stuff in Nuremberg there's a lot remaining of the rally grounds not in the city, and in what remains of was said to be the grand backyard hall, there's an superb documentation center with many information about Hitler and the rise and fall of this Nazis. plus you'll find concentration camp remains in other areas. I went in thein Buchenwald cost a lot it's tiny and not much remains of this housing for your prisoners, there continues enough to grasp some of what was doing. Plus, Wiemar is often a lovely city being base for a visit to the section. A couple from really lovely not to mention surprisingly inexpensive places to stay there.

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WE'RE GOING TO INVADE MEXICO!!!!!!! We will be greeted as liberators^^YOU IRONY TARD MY HELOC IS ACTUALLY MEXICOI liked your shirt a lot, I took a picture... ^^IRONIC TARDWell, their own oil is closer than Iraq'sThey melted into us first. that'd be type of cool actually Help to make Mexico a US territory. Hmmm. Would need a justification to visit in there. Oh yea. Well the chilly war bullshit is dead and ageing and stinking. Not even the biggest scam will swallow connect them line and sinker certain war on dread nonsense that osama is within Mexico. Half the nation counts on Mexico for his or herhabits. hmmm. Oh! I obtained Legalize medicines. Then cook up evidence how the mexicancartels are backed through the gov't. Say they're engaging in the, um, I require a trigger word. oh yea. A 'trade war'. The trade war with violence upon all of us soil, a cartel murder o art auction canadian art auction canadian f the us senator trying to pass some particular element of themarket laws which'll set heavy tariffs with mexicanmanufacturers. Then we visit war with all of them in justification, therefore treaty alliances do not bring nukes down on us. Then our greedy imperialist asses buttrape south america while talking out the side of our oral cavity that we're which makes it a free place. Make them all learn english, and raise the standard of living there, working within alliance with cuban health personnel, while utilizing a resources and overtax revenue of mexico to aid our senior citizen with the upcoming baby boomer cultural security bottleneck. The stimulus in the war and typiy the legalization of drugs may be used to restart the stalled financial system. Then Americans may run around shopping for hundred dollar bluejeans again and paying attention to Fox news communicating heads, and the typical height of mexicans are able to increase byinches within the next hundred ages. We shouldn't legalize just about all drugs. Keep some illegal to make use of as an excuse for the next country we invade in the next economic depression. Simply being stupid. Battle is bad.

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Searching for angel/business investors With nearly zillion cruise passengers coming into Vancouver BC in the next couple of a long time, we are looking at launching a brand new tourism service with Vancouver for. years of combined experience with this industry and over years dealing with seniors, our product fills a need whereby % from the current market can be ignored. We are interested in finding angel and / or business investors to help us. Low funds required. For $, Trader Joes offered medozen daffodils in complete bud stage. Required home, trimmed stems, placed in glass of water as well as viola! Overnight they opened and today this very yellow-colored boquet (sp) greets everybody. Definitely an end of Winter harbinger. nicely yeah,... but an hours purchase that? _LP the spouse went i went for any walk yesterday night, we live through rural area she picked a dozen along side the road in bud for free. Maybe Eric works somewhere which has a library NY State Watering hole Assoc Small Secondary education DiscussERIC WORKS IN A PRISON I THINKhe is really a stock boy in a book store^see, this is a good example of someone who requires me and this forum WAAAYYYY very seriously. It's impacted his mind. He is addicted about who I'm in THE REAL WORLD, even though, I clearly stated that my character with this drama is a new creation of fictiona kushies swim diaper kushies swim diaper l. Necessities > Just wondering what's selling now with this economy Necessities are selling. Useless junk is not selling. Can you determine the rest for yourself? Bread and butter fundamental items But people will still pay some hell of much more for entertainment than they'll for education. Direct sales pop up huge in occasions like these and the rightcan be particularly lucrative. Cater in order to fat(overweight) people. They're everywhere.

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Does this be understood as a threat?????? you could be in the crosshairs minor troll < AgedSage > you could be up next. Absolutely sure does. I'd your cops... ooohhh you're looking for that one!!! Solely the cops. We an entire forum jailed quite some time back. hahahahahaNo, and trollingooohhh the other old geezer however trying to get involved the crazy older smelly granny under wear of d-Artist. I'm assuming you old geezers like batshit crazy loons Virtually anyone can fix plotters? Have a relatively HP Designjet CM. Keeps trying to think up Baud/Parity error message. I'm willing to spend someone to fix but simply not at the rates the fact that the local shop needs to charge. Thanks DanPlotter Did you unearth someone to sort out your plotter still? If not, let me know and I will email your post to your friend that are able to help you outside. That'd be wonderful... thanks! Please inquire your friend for you to drop me a good line at danspencer@ Recognize the help. Take care Dan I have a very similar situation I have a very good similar situation. I wonder if we bought out of your same pathological liar/sociopath. This breadmaker a car in March th.,. usd, cash. This man knew We health issues together with was on disability benefits. He sold us a "lemon" He signed the title accompanied by a different name. Their questioned him over it, he said it's his father-in-law. I'm sure filing a complaint while using attorney general, typiy the district attorney, your regional police, DMV auto or truck safety, and smaller claims court.

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Luxurious dining at McDonald's Trendy shopping at Walmart. Working part-time at The Your home Depot. Working part-time at Target. Absolutely no benefits. Maxed Out Charge cards. $ in discounts. $, in student loans. A used Lexus RX by using, miles. This is definitely America. Hi Jeff's living! We missed you actually Jeff LOL J/K Tee Heehee hee! not reallyonly should you choose so Foreclosures Lawsuit against BofA Attempts Class Foreclosure Court action against BofA Attempts Class Action Popularity An Indi baking with yeast baking with yeast ana small number has filed an important federal lawsuit to protect against Bank of The country Corp. over allegations of which foreclosure affidavits were signed despite the fact that the employees affixing your signature to them didn't in reality review the records. Attorneys in so hope to certify the truth as a elegance action. (Oct. ) Exactly what happened to IBM? Big blue was the leader in computer mechanic jobs... whatever happened for them? They still will be. They are nowof the greatest "professional services" providers, right next to help HP/EDS. They set up armies of instructors to enterprise people.

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All I realize is... This online community has its ol' gusto that bostich is last full swing. Our god did I miss out on her... er... uh.... "charm"... Yep, that's it. You happen to be the PSYCHO on this forum! Isn't there another individual we're missing? Zero, Bunkky is always out here...... the UE rate is often a lowThanks to the very low paying jobs who have replaced so lots of decent paying people! That you Bird Little???? You declare the nicest items... Honestly, I'm not seeking trouble here. I recently think sometimes people have to have a little taste in reality. Self pitty becomes you nowhere. blaming everybody else gets you no place. blaming recruiters surely gets you nowhere. blaming W can be so passe. people within this forum need to be internally, smarten up using searches, and best of all QUIT YER FUCKIN BITCHIN Proper way to treat hotspots? cool them downFind what is causing them and cure it. ^^ding ding ding: )shave the idea & apply apple mackintosh cider vinager, pieces waterarea vinagerre: hot locations sometimes it's healthy eating plan, I have my for a grain- fee feed or you may use a high high quality feed like red buffalo, taste in the wild( try dosfoodanlysis. com). My pembroke welsh corgi developed hers as being a stray. Trim the spot, I treated acquire with bedatine x every day and washed the spot with soap and water day after day, keep dry, cleared in a very week. Agree w/bittybd My spouse and i started using the apple company cider vinagar around weeks ago I input it in his waters and treat his hotspots by it. They are settled and it looks like he is additional comfy he performs and runs and so on. It's truly ended up a God directed after trying lots of things I sure achieve love these crimson days It's to be able to do some housecleaning. I sold a number of mutual funds if your Dow was with the upper s. Like the majority of investors who started in the s, I managed to get my feet rainy by buying common funds. Now it's time for it to kick those weight cats out. Mess those costly charge ratios. I'm going to hold back until the market dips more, then buy up their cheaper ETF counterparts. Also sold some BP at the top. I'll buy that back when it dips more too and get a nice profit away that.

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Project market? Your ideas? Do you think the job market in Jacksonville terrible? And what you small business people look for in an staff, meaning what really excels? Every business requirements a bookkeeper. Large and excitement they need us however in bad times they need us even much more. Make phone utes, put out flyers, phone temp agencies. Have a shot at the jobs for apple recipe smoothie apple recipe smoothie um WHY IS Gas SO EXPENSIVES??????????? Why'reworried? Don't you make use of your Rascal to get around? You claim to remain fat, and it's well documented that's the simplest way fat people go around. Rascals run upon batteries, don't many people? we have some van for our rascalto force you to definitely walk to the food shop and not really be so excess fat Yobecause the amount of money is falling meet mistake Guy Actually, i know went for a great interview. He sailed some distance, as a result employer put him up in nice hotel overnight. He charged bottle of champers and (really, ) adult movies with the room, and left the charges for employer to fork out. duh.

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Obama definitely will destroy the United Stateshe's similar to shock g put the satin upon your pantiesThe Freak Of this Industry. And when the simple truth is him backstage be ready to G. should you a) take time to find a condom? b) walk right over while you pound em? c) tell her that you'll want her love? well what was needed is D, many of the above so you will freakin... freakin, all the furniture's squeakin, the woman is tweakin' sayin' that she's weak on the knees. Cheek to make sure you cheek, and smack for pound, You're taxin' the application and waxin' it all And workin' the idea around 'Til that booty starts makin' who clappin' sound Which is certainly cool but your family members are chillin' while in the other room A clappin's gettin' louder You do not need want them so that you can clown you In this particular situation, what do you really do?

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Boutique Hotel I get questions... . Will you spend more to stay in boutique hotel aside from big hotel? modern art chicago modern art chicago , Have you got boutique hotel in your city? What is your current evaluation? , What is your dream hotel? What service you ware searching for? Use your thoughts... Thank you for answer. my answers . Will you spend more to stay in boutique hotel aside from big hotel? Absolutely no . Do you experience boutique hotel in your city? What is your current evaluation? Yes, however I've neve gourmet raw foods gourmet raw foods r been there. . What is your dream hotel? What service you ware searching for? Use your thoughts... Clean, comfortable, good service people, quick wireless internet, deep massages, fitness room, minibar (where you are able to choose how for you to stock it), -hour space service. Quietly laying off more people I got straight into stats today. Much more stuff: wwwwwwwwwww| Digital Data Systems |, wwwwwwwwwww| Motorola |, wwwwwwwwwww| WorldCom |, wwwwwwwwwww| Schering-Plough wwwwwwwwwww| William Cos. | wwwwwwwwwww| Goldman Sachs | wwwwwwwwwww| Unocal | wwwwwwwwwww| Dynegy | wwwwwwwwwww| PPL | wwwwwwwwwww| Deere Co. | wwwwwwwwwww| Celera Genomics Team | wwwwwwwwwww| Williams Cos. | Undisclosed wwwwwwwwwww| Hewlett-Packard |, wwwwwwwwwww| IBM |, Might - | IBM |, Might | El Paso | Undisclosed May | wwwwwwwwwww| May possibly | AOL Occasion wwwwwwwwwww| May | wwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww| Will probably | BellSouth |, Might | Boeing |, May | Honeywell Intercontinental | May | May Shops |, May | SBC Communications |, Click layoffs.